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  • About The Church

    Welcome to St. Bakhita Parish; the fortunate one.

    Located in the heart of Lashibi, we are a Christian family inspired by the virtue of our patron saint, Bakhita, founded on the virtues of love, charity and unity. We uphold Catholic principles and teachings, promote respect, love for humanity and service to the community, and above all, Christ-likeness.

    The church was born from the need to accommodate and bring God closer to the flourishing faithful of Lashibi and its environs. Since its founding in 2005 as an out-station of Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Sakumono, it has grown significantly.

    After over 15 years, Saint Bakhita Parish now boasts a membership of over 1,000 people, a vibrant choir and brass band, children's service and an active youth front.

    Members of the church serve the faithful and the community through Day Groups, ministries and several societies.

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    Bakhita Choir

    Psalm 34: 1, “I will praise the Lord at all times. I will constantly speak His praises.” Singing praises to the Lord is what the choir exists for.

    Bakhita Choir; with angels, we sing!


    The Knights of the Altar are dedicated youths whose mission is to help the priest make the Mass and other liturgical celebrations worthy celebrations to the greater glory of God.

    KNOLTA; At Your service, Lord.


    “Let all things be done decently and in order.”; 1 Corinthians 14:40. Maintaining order and ensuring that the sanctity of Mass and other liturgical celebrations is sustained, is the responsibility of this group of amiable people.


    The Word is the pivot around which the Christian faith revolves, for this, it is important that God’s people hear and understand His word. It is the duty of the lectors to serve the church with God’s word.

    Bakhita Arts

    Bakhita Arts harnesses the creativity of the church's youth to help animate our liturgies and provide upliftment to the community

    Bakhita Brass Band

    The Brass Band provides music for liturgical and social events. It has grown to be a sought-after band within the Accra Archdiocese.

    Marian Choir

    The Marian choir is a singing ministry for children. It aims to equip the youngest members of the community with the skills and discipline needed to become full-fledged choristers.

    Charismatic Renewal

    The Charismatic Renewal is a confraternity geared towards enkindling and rekindling the fire of the faith in the faithful.

    Life at St Bakhita

    Beyond the mass, the community engages in many other activites, such as retreats, excursions, fun parties, and seminars.

    All of these help ensure the holistic development of the community by addressing both spiritual and social needs.

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    Church Leadership

    A body without a head is incomplete so is an organization without any form of leadership. The church's leadership is centered around the parish priest, who presides over a Pastoral Council made up of members of the community. Their task is to ensure the smooth running of St Bakhita Parish.

    Pope Francis

    Head of the Roman Catholic Church

    Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ, was elected pope on 13th March 2013

    Archbishop Henryk Mieczysław Jagodziński

    Apostolic Nuncio to Ghana

    Archbishop Henryk was appointed as titular archbishop of Limosano and Apostolic Nuncio to Ghana by Pope Francis on 3rd May 2020.

    Archbishop John Bonaventure Kwofie

    Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra

    His Grace Bonaventure Kwofie was installed as the Archbishop of Accra on March 1, 2019, in Accra

    Rev Fr Hillary Agbenosi

    Parish Priest

    Fr. Hillary joined St. Bakhita as its first rector in the year of its dedication, 2018. He became the church's inaugural parish priest on 11th February 2024.

    Rev Fr James Gyekye Danso

    Parochial Vicar, St Bakhita Catholic Church

    Fr. James joined St. Bakhita as its first assistant priest in 2023.

    Parish Pastoral Council

    The current PPC assumed its term of office in 2023. It is currently headed by Mr Nafrah.

    Parish Youth Council

    The Youth Council, headed by Ms Rebecca Bataka, represents the interests and guides the energies of the youth of the church towards the greater good of the community.